What to do in the garden when it's raining

If you live in NSW like myself, you are probably busting to get back into the garden after all the pain we've been having. But, while the rain carries on, there are actually plenty of things that you can do to make sure your garden is getting the best care possible. 


If the forecast is predicting weeks of rain, stocking up on seeds, especially grass seeds, is a great way to fix up any dirt patches. Overseeding, as it suggests, means to sow as many seeds as possible before the rain begins coming down so you can return to new growth when it’s over. 

Though, be careful not to overseed when the rain is expected to be consistently heavy as this can damage and dislodge them. 

If you still have seeds left over when the job is done, these Creamore Mill Seed Saving Envelopes will help you keep those precious seeds safe. 


Collect Rainwater 

Due to the evaporation process, rainwater contains more nitrogen than regular water and is fantastic for helping your plants grow. Unfortunately, rainwater that hits footpaths, ponds or unsoiled areas is quickly lost, meaning you can’t take advantage of its benefits. 

If you know that rain is coming, place some buckets and watering cans outside to collect this water for later use. If you collect enough, you’ll have plenty to use until the next time it rains. You may even consider installing a rainwater tank once you see how much your beloved plants thrive with this water. 

Plan for next season’s garden 

Although it can be upsetting to be away from the garden for long periods of time, taking the opportunity to plan where you will plant each seed next season can help you to have an incredible harvest. Using companion planting where possible is also a wonderful way to ensure that your plants naturally photosynthesise and better survive unpredictable weather where possible. 

Where you aren’t sure where to take your garden next, there are endless gardening books available for you to enjoy! So don’t hesitate in taking yourself to your local bookshop or library to study up while the rain falls. 

At Recipe For Serenity, I believe that every little thing counts when it comes to creating the perfect garden. I have a wide range of supplies available in my shop that you can use to discover your love of gardening.