There's Something About A Trug

Super practical, super cute and at times, super stylish, a trug is a gardener’s best friend, especially as harvesting time rolls in. Most commonly used to collect fruits, vegetables and flower cuttings, trugs are a fantastic gardening tool as they can hold large quantities of items in place. Unlike a carry bag which often allows your produce to roll around, you won’t be disappointed by discovering crushed flowers and fruits as your trug will keep them all neatly in place. 

More than just a great collection tool, trugs also make for incredibly authentic-looking indoor and outdoor plant displays. This makes them a great way to show off your most recent gardening success. 

Though the most traditional trugs are the Handmade Sussex Trugs, there are now so many various trugs on the market, all coming in different shapes and sizes, to suit the various demands of gardeners. 

Here are some of our favourite trugs: 

Heaven In Earth Pine Trug

Deep enough to hold even the largest of cuttings, our Heaven In Earth Pine Trug puts a modern twist on the classic style trugs we gardeners have come to love and cherish. The two handles of this trug were made for easy carrying, but not to fear, they pivot to the sides when needed so you can easily access your vegetation without damaging it. 

Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Galvanised Trug

Fitted with compartments so you can easily sort through your tools, twine and gloves, this Galvanised Trug is perfect for a green thumb who is often juggling too many tools at once. With a pretty design that fits perfectly with any outdoor setting, this trug can live on your veranda, outside your backdoor or inside your greenhouse for easy access so you’ll never lose your tools again (trust me, I felt the difference immediately). 


Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Tool Bag Grey

If you like pockets in your dresses and jeans, then this is just the trug for you. Fitted with more pockets than you can count, this is the ultimate tool bag for anyone who prioritises organisation and neatness. It’s great for carrying clippings, tools, twine and all sorts of gardening materials that you may need and means that you will spend less time running between the shed and the garden, and more time tending to your favourite plants. 

At Recipe for Serenity, we stock the highest quality gardening supplies so you can rest assured that your garden is well taken care of. Our trugs are a hot ticket item, so get in quick when you spot them!