The health benefits of indoor plants

Creating an indoor oasis is a beautiful and natural way to decorate your home and add more nature to your surroundings. It can add some much-needed greenery to any space and completely transform the way specific rooms of your home look. 

More than a decorating tool, however, indoor plants have the power to heal the mind, body and soul and are renowned for their incredible health benefits. With the ability to improve all aspects of life, they are a wonderful way to change your perspective and help you get a taste of serenity. 

Some of my favourite health benefits that our botanical friends can bring include: 


Boosting your energy 

Have you ever been typing away or working on a big project only to find that you feel incredibly drowsy and poorly focused? It may be time to get an indoor pot plant for your desk. 

As plants purify the air and remove damaging toxins, studies have shown they can help you receive the air-borne nutrients you need to feel your best. This includes but isn't limited to an abundance of oxygen. 

Improving the mood 

Your nervous system can create negative emotional and bodily responses when you are in an environment where you feel uncomfortable or stressed. Nature is known to soothe the nervous system. This is simply because where plants grow, there is also an abundance of nutrients, safety and tranquillity. 

As such, having an indoor plant near where you sit at home or work can improve your mood and allow you to better deal with unforeseen circumstances. 

Just be sure to water your plant regularly, so it can continue to help you feel your best each day. 


Indoor plants can soothe dry throats and dry skin 

If you are prone to dry throats and dry skin, you need to get more indoor plants into your life. Known for their ability to add moisture to the air, they can add some much-needed vapour to the back of your throat and skin to have you feeling better in no time. 

Put simply, they are a longer-term solution to using a throat lozenge, drinking a cup of tea or using moisturiser. 

At Recipe For Serenity, I stock a range of gardening tools that you can use to help your indoor garden thrive. Alternatively, if you are looking for a range of articles about how to care for your plants, you can read more on my gardening blog