So. What's the deal with 100% Cotton?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably no stranger to the mass of materials that exist on the market when it comes to buying clothes, gardening gloves and all sorts of wearable equipment. But, unless you have a large scope of understanding across this industry, you may find it difficult to keep up with the intrinsic benefits of each. 

At Recipe For Serenity, on top of gardening equipment, I stock a range of pyjamasaprons and adornments to help you feel your best self, especially during a lazy day at home. Not only this, but I always try to stock products made from 100% cotton. 

So why do I do this you may ask? 

Well, this type of clothing has a mass of benefits, including:

Extreme Comfort 

More than just gentle on the skin, clothing made from 100% cotton is known to be more breathable, making it perfect for the hotter months of the year. It's ideal for wearing in bed or around the home as a way to cover up without feeling sticky or sweaty. 

It's Hypoallergenic 

Nobody likes the impact of allergies, especially when high-pollen seasons like spring roll in. As 100% cotton does not use any chemicals in the manufacturing process to bond it to other materials, it is 100% organic and therefore won't cause any irritable allergies. This is perfect if you are prone to sneezing or getting sore eyes, as it also will not quickly pick up dust and bacteria that may cause these reactions. 

It's Non-Clingy 

I'm sure we all know too well the feeling of wearing a piece of knitwear and feeling it get stuck to our skin as the day gets hotter. Made to keep heat close, these materials can quickly become tedious if worn on the wrong days.

100% cotton absorbs sweat at a slow pace and will not stick to the skin as quickly as other materials, making it perfect if you're unsure about the day's forecast. As it's also incredibly breathable, if you start to build up some heat, you can quickly take it off without worrying that it will leave perspiration marks behind.

It's Skin Friendly 

As mentioned before, 100% cotton is completely organic, meaning it contains no chemicals. For people with skin conditions, such as acne, eczema or dermatitis, 100% cotton can provide soothing relief without further agitating the skin. 

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