Say no to chemicals: Here are some awesome natural pesticides for you to try

As much as we all love our gardens and the fun critters they can invite, such as bumblebees and butterflies, nobody likes to see their produce eaten and tarnished by pests, especially if we can avoid it.

While chemical pesticides have dominated the market for generations, gardeners have now become more aware of the changes they can make to keep their plants healthier and their products safer to consume.

If you're looking for some great natural pesticides, here are some you can try to keep unwanted bugs at bay:


Vegetable Oil and Soap 

You read that correctly! Mixing your household vegetable oil with a mild soap is an effective way to protect your precious plants without using harsh chemicals. Plus, using a soap you love can add a sweet aroma to your garden.

Essentially this remedy works so well due to its thick and slimy nature as it will clog up the pores of critters, making it difficult for them to breathe and encouraging them to leave your garden.



Garlic Spray

More useful than just keeping vampires out of your home, garlic spray has a pungent aroma which is a huge deterrent for many bugs and critters and can repel them from your garden before they even dare get close.

Better yet, it's super easy to make!

All you have to do is blend two bulbs (yes bulbs) of garlic in a blender with some water, strain the mixture after it has sat overnight and add one part of the mixture to four parts of water. When you're ready, spray your plants and the soil around them and wish the bad bugs away.


Tomato Leaf Spray 

Due to their acidic nature, tomato plants are known to act as natural bug repellents and are great at keeping a mass of bad bugs away. If you're not too fond of having your garden smell like garlic, using tomato leaves can be just as effective. 

Similarly, all you need to do is blend 2 cups of tomato leaves with a litre of water and let the mixture rest overnight. When you're ready, pop it into a spray bottle or mister and let the mixture work its magic. 

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