Roses are red, violets are blue. Want to plant some flowers? These are just for you!

There are fewer moments purer than seeing your newly planted seeds burst out from the soil into fresh, exciting saplings. But, with the summer heat and humidity weighing down on us so heavily at the moment, if you're doing up your garden, it can be hard to find flowers that grow well under pressure and can withstand the unpredictability of living in Australia.

If you're looking to colour up your garden with some gorgeous botanicals, here's some I highly recommend:


Don't you think that staring at a beautiful sunflower can make anyone's day immediately better? These gorgeous florals always get me smiling and really can transform a frown into a bright grin.  

But, better than their mood-boosting powers are the awesome summer benefits they bring. 

Filled with goodness, they can feed your pollinators and help you garden to grow tremendously. Plus, dwarf sunflowers can be kept in a pot, meaning you won't have to find space for them amongst your produce. 

If you do plant them in your main garden, they clean the soil from contaminants to promote healthier growth in your garden. Not to mention, harvesting their seeds to snack on later is a perfect way to add some healthy foods to your diet. In fact, eating sunflower seeds 5 times a week can aid weight loss and detox the body! 

Time to pick up your spade and get planting! 


Alongside looking stunning when cut and put in a vase, carnations can add a bright pop of colour to your garden and help to break up all the greenery. If you're a lover of butterflies, their bright colours are known to attract them, giving you just another reason to consider your yard your favourite place on earth. 

If you're someone who likes to use natural fertilisers in your garden, carnations also have a sweet, potent scent that can cancel out any displeasing fertiliser smells to help your garden smell as good as it looks. Did I mention they're also super easy to grow, meaning you won't be disappointed by a lack of sprouts! 

All you have to do is purchase your seeds, slip on your gardening gloves, and water regularly. The carnations will do all the growing work for you! 


Everlasting Daisies

As the name states, everlasting daisies can withstand it all. From drought conditions to weeks of rain, these adaptable flowers are perfect for a beginner gardener or someone who is new to growing their own flowers. 

Flowering from summer all the way to spring, everlasting daisies will attract plenty of bees pollinators to your garden. They can survive in poor soil conditions and work to improve the quality of your soil through the help of pollinators.

Not only this, when you're ready to replace them, grab your favourite cutting tool and cut carefully around the head of the flower. This way, you can easily dry the petals to use in arts and crafts projects on a rainy day! 



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