Recycle your waste in your garden

In one way or another, we are all working to become more and more sustainable to secure a future for the next generation. For some, this involves cutting meat out of their diet and for others, it involves only purchasing from local suppliers. For we gardeners, it may seem like we are already doing our part by growing our own veggies, but in fact, there are many more things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life. 

One way I love to do so is by transforming my everyday household materials into fertilisers rather than banishing them to live out the rest of their lives in landfills. 

Just some ingredients and materials that everyone can transform include: 


Coffee Grounds

Just like coffee is a perfect pick-me-up on a sluggish morning, it is also packed with acid and nutrients that can help your plants grow to their best potential. Mix your coffee grounds into your potting mix with a hand fork or toss them on top of the soil to help acidic plants thrive. Coffee grounds are most effective on plants such as tomatoes and blueberry bushes. 

But, more than just a great fertiliser, their pungent smell is a perfect deterrent that will help keep pests at bay. 


I'm sure you've heard it before, eggshells are fantastic for your garden. Not only can they help aerate your soil, but they are perfect for restoring calcium to your potting mix, a soil nutrient that is often quickly drained by plants and roots. 

Opposite to coffee grounds, eggshells help to remove acid from the soil. So mixing them with your coffee ground can help you create a perfectly PH balanced fertiliser. 

Cardboard and Newspapers 

Cardboard and newspapers decompose easily, meaning they won't harm the integrity of your plants when buried in the soil. But, they are also fantastic at absorbing excess water, which can damage your roots. 

Planting them in your garden is a fantastic way to prevent overwatering and protect your plants in the event of an accidental watering can overflow or heavy rain, like that we recently experienced in Sydney. 

If you have plants or spaces in your garden that are prone to weeds, you can also lay cardboard and newspaper around the areas to obstruct the growth of weeds and protect your garden.


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