Perfect indoor plants for low-lit rooms

We all have that pesky room in our house, which no matter how hard we try, will never have the natural light we desire. It's the one room where we simply can't fill with indoor plants with the fear that they won't get the light they deserve to live and grow to their fullest. 

But, did you know some indoor plants love lower lit rooms and can thrive in these environments? In fact, despite popular belief, some plants don't even need light at all! 

If you're looking for some low-maintenance indoor plants, you've come to the right place. Some of my favourite indoor pot plants include: 


Made to grow in dense rainforests and jungles, ivy knows how to grow in low light situations and usually needs less than an hour of light per day to feel its best self. It can also be positioned up high, meaning you can pop it next to a windowsill to ensure it gets all the natural light it needs. 

More than this, it is also known as an air purifying plant and can remove any impurities in the air known to generate the spread of mould in low-lit rooms. 



If you're looking for a plant that requires a little bit more care and maintenance, then a calathea is right up your alley. These plants love rainforest type conditions and require plenty of water and moisture to thrive. They are ideal for homes in coastal areas that see a lot of humidity as this can really help them grow to their potential. 

But, despite their constant pleas for water, they can live the entirety of their lives in the dark and won't get angry with you if they don't get to see the sun. 



On the opposite end of the spectrum, bamboo is incredibly easy to care for and requires almost no maintenance at all. It can grow in a jar, pot or any form of planter and only relies on occasional water to grow to its full potential. 

With such a small shape, it's perfect for apartments or townhouses that don't have a lot of space. It can add that touch of greenery every home needs without taking up precious room. 

Snake Plant 

Some plants are easy to kill. And some, like the snake plant, are near impossible to neglect. This die-hard plant is incredibly self-sustaining and will do everything in its power to stay alive. For this reason, they can survive the harshest conditions, including dimly lit rooms and a lack of water. 

It is perfect for a first-time indoor plant parent who is getting to know the reigns of maintaining house greenery. 


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