Our Top 5 Tips For Beginner Green Thumbs

If there’s one thing that our gardening community loves, it’s seeing more and more people taking an interest in all things plants. But, if you’re new to the world of planting veggies, fruits and flowers, you may not be sure where to start. 

Some of my top tips for green thumbs who are just beginning their adventure in the gardening world include: 

Start with a small herb patch 

Most herbs are super easy to grow and require much less care than delicate vegetables and flowers. Purchasing some small gardening beds or plant pots allows you to start small and will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed if weeds or large harvests come all at once. My favourite thing about starting small is it helps you to identify the types of problems that you may come across but on a minor scale. So, when you take it to the big garden, you’ll already know everything you need to help your plants thrive.  

Don’t forget to compost 

Finding the right fertilizer is not an easy feat. But, one thing you can do to help nurture your plants is throw vegetable cuttings and peels on them. As your veggies are filled with rich nutrients, giving these back to your plants is a certified way to help them grow. Even more beneficial are the worms and bugs that this food waste will attract. The casts and waste they leave behind provide much-needed moisture and minerals. 

We have a fantastic Compost Scoop by Sophie Coran that will help you distribute all of your compost evenly throughout your garden beds and planters. It’s easy to use making it wonderful for those of all different skill levels. 

Choose native plants 

Native plants are made for our climate, making them adaptable to the quick changes in weather that we so often experience. Herbs such as native bush mint, lemon myrtle and native ginger are fantastic herbs to start with and are super easy to grow. They’re also very simple to dry so you can bottle them up and save them for your cooking ventures. 

At Recipe For Serenity, I love supporting gardeners of all experience levels so they can build their skills and watch their gardens blossom. If you’re looking for gardening advice, gardening tools or are simply looking to browse our store, I’m always here to offer my support!