My top 5 tips for improving seed germination

No matter how long you've been in the gardening business, waiting for your seeds to sprout after planting them can test everybody's patience. From worrying that you have done something wrong and not being able to see the natural process taking place, it can be defeating if your seeds are taking a long time to show their faces. 

But, there are plenty of things you can do as a gardener to speed up this process and reduce stress. 

Some of these include: 


Pre-soaking your seeds 

Most seeds can last up to three years in the right storage tin and will still sprout when planted. This works because seeds won't typically germinate until they receive regular access to moisture and water.

For this reason, you can soak your seeds in water for a few hours before planting them to activate the swelling process and make them act much quicker when planted in your soil. 

Water them well

Once you've planted your seeds, it's all about making sure they get all the water they need to thrive. It's recommended that you try to water them at the same time every day. But remember, too much water is a bad thing too.

If the soil around the seeds is still moist, skipping the day's watering is okay. If they receive too much water, they may rot, which can reduce their chances of sprouting. However, if the soil is dry, you can grab your trusty watering can and give them some much-needed H20.


The conditions are everything 

As we all know, the Australian climate can change at any second. Although we have a good indication of what to expect for each season, it's a good idea to monitor your garden so you can understand the conditions your seeds will be exposed to. 

Will they receive morning, afternoon or evening sunlight? Does your garden attract a lot of pollinating bugs? How hot does the soil get when the temperature is the highest? These are all questions you need to consider and evaluate. It will help you understand potential threats that may be preventing your seeds from germinating.

If bad luck strikes try again 

Unfortunately, sometimes we just get a bad batch of seeds. If your seeds haven't sprouted and you've tried the above strategies, it may just be time for you to try again. Occasionally, downfalls like these are simply out of a gardener's control. 

If trying again doesn't work, you can always contact me, and I'd be happy to recommend some gardening tools that will help do the trick. When you need gardening supplies, you can always check Recipe For Serenity! I know I'm sure to have something you love.