How to avoid gardening injuries

Spending time in the garden helps many people relax. It is a great way to space out from the world and spend some time lapping up the sunlight and fresh air that so many of us don't get enough of. But, it's also a place where many people are known to get injured, especially if they are not wearing the right gear. 

While many of these injuries won't take long to recover, some can place strain on our bodies, which can pull us away from our beloved gardens for weeks at a time. So, as always, prevention is always the best method. 

If you're ready to start your gardening adventures or just want to brush up on your knowledge, these tips will help you avoid injury in the garden: 


Store all of your tools safely 

Every tool in your shed should have a designated spot. Whether this is on a shelf or in a tool bag, you must be putting them where they belong to avoid injury to yourself or someone else. When misplaced, tools can be stepped on or tripped over. They also may fall from a shelf if not stored away properly, causing injury from above. 

When storing tools, any bladed tools, like pruners, should also be stored face down. This can prevent injury to the face and eyes if you were to drop them when collecting them. 

Wear gloves at all times 

It is very easy to cut your hand in the garden, especially if you aren't wearing the appropriate PPE. While these cuts may only hurt for a moment or two, if they are exposed, they can quickly become infected by bacteria in the garden. 

Wearing gardening gloves can help you avoid cuts to the skin from gardening tools, plants and thorns. But, it can also avoid long-term repercussions, such as contamination of the blood via pesticides or poisonous plants. 


Wear knee pads for long-term joint protection 

Excessive pressure or use of our joints can cause long-term pain that is hard to mend. Spending time in the garden requires a lot of lifting and bending, which can place immense pressure on the knee joints, especially when unprotected. 

Wearing shock-absorbing knee pads will take this pressure off your body and keep your joints feeling as good as new. If you don't like the feel of knee pads, you can also opt for a kneeler

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