Gardening Myth Busting: 5 Gardening Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Gardening, farming and agriculture have been around since the start of time. Without it, we wouldn't have the food we need to live, grow and become stronger. So, with such a rich history, it only makes sense that some gardening myths have arisen over time. After all, modern technology, science and bioscience are only young compared to this rich heritage. 

Now that we have more knowledge about the garden, we can bust the myths that people thought to have been true. This is important, as in some cases, these myths can cause gardeners to lose crops, have a poor harvest or see more weeds spring to life. 

Some of the most common myths include: 

Putting rocks at the bottom of your pot will support drainage

Potting mixes have come a LONG way in the past decade or two. So much so that they can usually support the drainage of your pot all on their own. Adding gravel, broken pots or rocks to your mix is thought to worsen drainage. 

If you use a good-quality potting mix and a pot with holes on the bottom, you shouldn't need to worry about adding any additional elements. 


Watering plants in the middle of a hot day is bad for them 

The Australian summers get HOT. So, I completely sympathise with you if you want to give your plants as much love and water as possible. In the past, it was thought that watering your plants during a hot day could burn the leaves, causing them to wither further. 

This is most certainly not the case anymore. If your plant is looking withered and sad during a heatwave, it's best to pull out your watering can or hose and get it hydrated. 

Native plants don't need water 

Our Australian plants have indeed learned how to withstand the toughest of weather. But, they still need all the same love and care that you would provide to a regular plant. Though they may need water less frequently, making sure they get water once every 2 to 3 days can help them grow to their full potential. 

Just be sure that you have a handy pair of pruners ready. Once these plants start to grow, they often grow big.


Adding sugar to the soil can improve the sweetness of your fruit 

One of my favourite myths of all time. While it may logically make sense, the nutrients in your soil will rarely impact the final taste of your product. Different varieties of fruit will have different sweetness, so it's always best to find the ones you like the most. 

With enough water, light and love, they will grow to taste just as they were meant to. 


I need to have a green thumb to be a good gardener

I know so many people who are scared of the garden simply because they had one plant, bush, tree or shrub that didn't work out the way they had planned. Gardening is something that takes time and can be learned by anyone.

If you're ready to start gardening or try gardening again, be sure to read up on what will grow best in your area so you have the best chance of producing a fully grown plant. 

So, what are you waiting for? Gab yourself some gardening gloves. It's time to get started. 


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