Gardening in the summer? Here are some fantastic tips

The Australian summer is a wonderful time for hitting the beach, having a picnic and catching up with friends outdoors. But, quick changes in temperature and unpredictable dryness can dramatically impact your garden and vegetation in a matter of hours if your plants aren’t properly protected.

While there is no way to tell just what sort of weather changes and extremities we may go into the New Year, some preventative things you can do to help your garden thrive include: 

Water regularly at the right times 

While watering your plants once a day is a given, have you considered the time you are watering them? On hotter days, I highly recommend jumping into your garden early in the morning or later in the day, so the sun doesn’t immediately dry up your water. This gives it a better chance to seep into the soil and provide your plants with the nutrients they need to survive. Using a hose or watering can is perfect, but if you’re worried about missing a day, a water bubble is just as effective. 

Keep your pots out of direct sunlight 

Most of your outdoor pots will be made from clay or ceramic which is fantastic at keeping plants cool for short periods of time. However, if they are kept in the sun for too long, they will eventually heat up and contribute to drying out your plant’s roots and leaves. As the summer months get warmer, it’s vital that you place these pots in a spot that only receives partial sunlight. This will allow your plants to receive the heat they need without being overexposed to hot temperatures. 

Fertiliser is key

Whether you choose to purchase fertiliser or make your own from scraps and newspapers, it is an excellent way to protect your soil from high temperatures while simultaneously giving your plants an extra boost of nutrients. Fertiliser works best when applied before you sprout your seeds, but there is no harm in spreading some over your soil after your saplings have sprouted. Just make sure that you don’t pat it down too firmly so they have enough space to grow. 

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