Garden Gloves: Why They're a Must-Have For Even The Smallest Gardening Chores

While gardening gloves have become more fashionable over the years as new brands enter the market and introduce their new designs, contrary to how it may seem, gardening gloves are important for much more than keeping your hands stylish on the job. 

Some reasons you MUST wear gardening gloves even for the smallest trips to the garden include: 

Keep your hands and fingernails clean 

Nobody likes having dirt stuck on their skin and beneath their nails, especially on a hot day where it seems to be all the more sticky and hard to clean. Wearing gardening gloves will keep your skin clean and prevent dry flakiness, often caused by overwashing your hands. 

Helps you to avoid blisters 

If you are using gardening tools, pulling weeds or doing a lot of hands-on work, unprotected skin can quickly develop calluses. While this may not be an issue at first, these calluses can eventually turn into blisters which are known to be painful and can pull you away from your garden for days. 

Wearing gardening gloves will prevent and lessen the friction created between your palms and the task at hand (pun not intended), so you can rest assured that any blistering will be obsolete or minimal. 

Prevents Infection 

While small cuts and scabs caused in the garden may not seem like a big deal, developing an infection from certain plants of gardening equipment can become catastrophic, especially if untreated. Although wearing gloves cannot always prevent cuts, it can reduce your chances of picking up a fast-spreading fungal infection from your plants and tools. 

If you do still happen to catch your arm on a thorn or poke your finger on some wire, it’s best to immediately turn away from the task at hand to clean and bandage the wound before any infections can begin spreading through your body. 

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