Fruits and veggies that LOVE the rain

It's no secret that the country has had A LOT of rain in the past few months. From floods to never-ending downpours, we have had our fair share of water this year. As much as our plants love an afternoon under the watering can, you may be finding that the constant rain has pushed you vegetation to succumb to root rot. 

If you love the feeling of seeing new fruit and vegetables growing but aren't having much luck this year, you can always consider planting some vegetation which is known to love the water. While they may not be your number one favourite piece of produce to grow, they can still provide a fulfilling experience that gives you a sense of gardening achievement. 

Some of the best plants to grow while the wet weather takes over include: 



Known for how well they produce, cucumbers almost always yield a great harvest. They absolutely love the sun and require full sunlight, but they don't mind if the soil is moist, unlike most plants. 

They grow best in a veggie patch with plenty of space but can also grow in a pot. Just be sure to use plenty of twine and support to keep your cucumber plant strong, as it will have less support from its roots than it would if it were planted in the ground. 


With rain typically comes cooler nights, perfect for soup and spicy dishes. So, it's always an asset when you have some home-grown chillies on your side. Like cucumbers, chillies adore the sun, but they don't mind if the soil is moist. 

They are a great plant for a beginner gardener who may be worried about the prospect of overwatering their plants. 



Carrots are an all-year-round plant that can be grown ANY WHERE. From garden beds to pots and even window boxes, they are the perfect vegetable that almost always yields a great harvest. 

Not only can carrots be grown at any time of the year, but they can also withstand long periods of rain. This makes them great for combatting unpredictable weather, particularly like that the east coast of Australia has been having. 


Tomatoes are known to withstand monsoon seasons across South-East Asia. They are incredibly versatile, easy to grow and perfect for gardeners of all skill levels. When it comes to combating the rain, as long as the pot or vegetable patch they are planted in has good drainage, they will thrive. 

Like all plants that love moisture. Just be sure that you provide them with a space that receives plenty of sunlight as it can assist with the drainage process. 


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