Does gardening really save you money?

With the growing cost of living, it seems that everyone around the world is talking about money and how to cut costs. There are now so many strategies online about what you can do to save a few extra dollars. One of the most common that continuously pops up is growing your produce to avoid price hikes on fruits and vegetables. 

But, gardeners will quickly tell you that gardening is an expensive hobby. So, does growing your own produce help you to save money. Here's my verdict. 


It will save you money if you only plant what you intend to use 

Here's the thing, you can grow almost anything when you put your mind to it. But, it still costs money to grow plants. For example, the more you plant, the more fertiliser, soil, water and supplies you need. If this produce goes to waste at the end of the season, you are wasting money. 

I look at it this way. While I have lettuce in all of my sandwiches, harvesting lettuce can be a pain. It also grows fast, meaning it can take over my other produce and harm the growth of vegetables I am more likely to use, such as peas. So, I find it easier to purchase my lettuce. 

Taking the time to analyse which produce will benefit me, my family and my friends the most is the ultimate way to save money. 

You will lose money the first year or two 

On top of soil and seeds, you also need plenty of gardening tools and supplies to get your garden underway. If you don't have a lot of garden space, you will also need to invest in some containers or raised garden beds, which aren't cheap. If you are only looking to garden during this short period of financial uncertainty, you will lose money. 

Though, if you invest in the right supplies and intend to become self-sufficient well into the future, gardening can save you large amounts of money. That is when you plan your garden properly. 


Produce won't rot as quickly... But it still will 

When you purchase from the shops, you are purchasing a product that has already been harvested, meaning that it no longer has nutrients and vitamins flowing into it from the soil. This means that you need to time your purchase carefully, otherwise, produce can begin to rot quickly, leading to a waste of money. 

Gardening means that you only harvest produce as you need it and can allow other plants to sit on the stem for a little longer. This can prevent them from rotting at the same pace they would if they were already harvested. But, it's important to be mindful that they can still become weak, mushy and inedible with time. 

Therefore, one of the most vital things when gardening is learning how much produce you need to plant. Remember, it's okay to have seeds left over. Just store them in moisture-free seed-saving equipment. 

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