Do quality gardening tools really made a difference?

Like all types of products, there is often a debate around gardening tools and if 'high-quality' tools really make a difference when it comes to getting the job done. Many argue that having cheap tools does the trick just as well as a tool someone may pay hundreds for.

And while this may be true for someone who is only planting a few crops, there are many reasons why high-quality tools will prove to be a major asset in the long term. 

This includes: 

Creating a less tiresome gardening experience

Tools manufactured by quality brands assess ergonomics and practicality. Whether they are considering how a handle will feel after hours of use or how tools will survive if stored outside, these branded and high-quality products are made to work with you, not against you. 

Where you may find that cheaper tools leave blisters and sores on your hands, making it difficult for you to continue working, these high-quality tools have considered everything to make your gardening experience as enjoyable as possible. 

Take the Burgon & Ball Houseplant Pruners, for example. Made with thermoplastic rubber handles; they will stop your hands from tiring, especially during excessive use. While a pair you may purchase from a discount gardening shop will still get the job done, you may find their plastic handles are tough on the skin, causing you to stop your gardening work before you've even begun. 

Quality tools won't break after a few uses 

If you're an avid gardener, you are likely using specific tools almost every day. Tools that aren't made for heavy loads are likely to experience the effects of wear and tear quickly, meaning they're more likely to break. This is especially true for tools, such as shovelspruners and watering cans which are susceptible to rusting. 

Higher quality and more expensive brands have worked tirelessly to create rust-proof, stress-resistant tools that can last years and years of gardening work. These tools are unlikely to break when excess pressure is placed on them, and they will survive even the harshest of gardening work. 


Reducing joint pain 

While gardening is simply a hobby for many people, it is exhausting work, especially if you spend a whole day out in the yard. When choosing gardening tools, you must consider your circumstances. 

If you are prone to muscle or joint pain, finding a tool that absorbs the impact and stops it from travelling up your arms, shoulders, legs, and back means you will spend less time on bed rest and more time looking after your crops. 


Therefore, if you are a beginner gardener who only spends limited time in your garden, cheap tools will most likely do the trick. However, if you spend almost every day in your garden, it is best to opt for a high-quality solution. When you are looking for some tools to handle all of your gardening needs, you can always trust Recipe For Serenity. Visit my shop TODAY.