Are Gardening Books Worth The Money?

If we look back even just over a decade ago, the internet was not the vast and incredible place it is today. So, many people still relied on encyclopaedias and books from the library to help them understand changes in their garden or if specific crops would grow in their area.

But, with the expansive growth of the internet, where all of the answers are at our fingertips, it may seem that these high priced gardening books are invaluable. 

Well, I am here to change that opinion. 

While it's true that some garden methodologies can become outdated, many gardeners still use techniques that have existed for millennia, meaning these books can provide endless value to you and your garden. 

Some other fantastic reasons to have a gardening book or two on your bookshelf include: 


They are written by professionals in the industry 

Here's the hard truth. Anyone can open up a website, begin writing a blog and call it factual. But, not everyone can write an encyclopaedia. To do so, the author needs to be an expert in their field and hold the relevant qualifications. And even then, the book needs to be peer-reviewed for years before it is published. 

While you can find quick information on the internet, there is never a guarantee that it is 100% factual, unless it is sourced from a peer-reviewed article. 

Whether you're a beginner green thumb or a more adept gardener, locating factual materials will always ensure you are doing the right thing for your plants. 

Books focus on a niche topic 

You will rarely pick up a book that focuses on everything gardening. The author of a book or encyclopaedia was likely an expert in a specific niche of the garden. Some may focus on gardening tools, while others may focus on one specific crop or tree. 

This means that you will attain a wealth of knowledge on a particular topic, rather than just the tip of the iceberg like most internet sources will be able to provide. 

If you are looking to try planting a new product or enhance your specific skillset, gardening books will always make this easier.


They will fill your home with things you love 

Gardening books will decorate your bookshelf, coffee table or another resting place for your reading materials. They are a great way to add a touch of your passion into your home and show your guests what you enjoy doing in your spare time. 

Many gardening books are also incredibly colourful, making them fantastic for adding a pop of colour to any home, office or living space. 

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