4 Gardening Tools that EVERY Gardener Needs

Whether you're brand new to the world of being a green thumb, or you've had a life-long love of plants and all things gardening, when it comes back to the basics, there are some tools that every gardener just simply can't live without. No matter if you're growing only a small veggie patch or working on a large community garden plot, these tools can make your life so much easier, save plenty of time and even reduce the chances of developing aches and pains.

So, what are these magical tools, you may ask?

Keep reading to find out more.

A pair of trusty gloves 

Made to protect your hands against bugs, thorns and drying skin, the right pair of gloves can turn even the most tedious jobs, like pulling weeds, into a fun pastime. More than just protection against the forces of nature, a pair of gloves can stop damage to your hands which would otherwise be caused by the friction of gripping your tools too tightly. 


Some pruning shears or secateurs 

One of the key things when gardening is to not let your garden overgrow as this can cause the quality of your produce to drop dramatically. If you notice dead stems or branches obstructing other plants, it's essential to cut them down as quickly as possible. 

Having a pair of pruning shears on your side can help you achieve this quickly and neatly.

A wheelbarrow, trug or a tool bag

Let's face it! As much as we'd love to, there's no way we could carry ALL of the tools we need for the garden in one trip. If we manage to, it won't be without dropping some on the way. When you need an effective, yet great-looking way to carry all of your gardening supplies at once, look no further than a handy trug or toolbag

Made to have plenty of space for you to store your seeds, tools, gloves, twine and other gardening resources, it's great for ensuring you aren't forgetting your precious supplies in the shed.

A handy shovel 

Last, but certainly not least, among all other gardening tools, I think one of the most important is a handy shovel. Great for moving the earth and breaking branches or roots that may be obstructing your garden bed, a shovel is a fantastic substitute for using your hands and will help keep dirt out of your nails. 


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