4 Gardening Chores You MUST Complete After Heavy Rain

It's no secret that it has been raining A LOT across Australia lately. This rare rainfall has made it very hard for gardeners to generate large harvests, which has shot up the cost of living, especially when fresh produce is involved. So, now more than ever, gardeners are doing everything they can to grow their own produce to save on expenses and keep living comfortably. 

However, like the farmers, after all this rainfall, you may be finding it hard to look after your garden. But there's no need to worry! There are plenty of things you can do to breathe new life into your garden and have it feeling its best once the rainfall passes. 

When you get a sunny day, make sure you step out into the yard and complete the following chores. 


Pull out all of the weeds 

Weeds can pop out of nowhere, especially after heavy rain. If left in the yard for too long, they can grow strong roots, which may damage your plants. Fortunately, weeding the garden is much easier after long periods of rain as the moist soil will be soft and easy to manoeuvre. 

If you have some pesky weeds which have sprouted between garden pavers and hard-to-reach places, you can also use a weeding knife to remove them. 

Deadhead any flattened or damaged produce 

As much as we hate seeing our produce and flowers go to waste, any damaged produce must be removed to support new, prosperous growth. Grabbing your pruners and cutting back any damaged produce may initially take some colour out of your garden, but it will benefit all of your vegetation in the long term. 


Looks for areas with poor drainage 

Though the rain can be devastating, it is a fantastic opportunity to check for areas of your garden which could cause future problems. After a day or two of sunlight, it's best to hop into the garden to find any wet patches. This will indicate there is poor drainage in the area, which could lead to root rot or a poor harvest. 

Depending on the size of your garden, you can then choose to install better drainage or avoid planting in that specific spot. 


Plant some water-loving produce 

Some plants love being planted in moisture-rich soil. Heading down to your nursery and finding these specific fruits, vegetables, and flowers will add some much-needed colour to your garden, especially after you have finished deadheading.

If you are unsure which seeds or saplings you can plant, our recent blog about fruit and veggies that love the rain will help you out. 

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